When we partner we shoulder, in close collaboration, some or all of the following jobs:

Cheetah running Inspired Adaptability to Thrive in Uncertainty

Global and Team Leader Clarity on Transformation Risks - and Plan to Remove Them.

We gather data and report to you, from a global view down to a region, function or individual team, on areas to celebrate and specific challenges to address in:

• Executive Team Inspiration, Performance, Behaviours and Impact
• Team Leader Mindset, Skills, Behaviours and Impact
• Team Member Mindset, Skills and Behaviours
• Transformation Navigation Points: Purpose, Plan and Permissions

Together, we make a clear plan rooted in science and data – tailored to the individual leader and team member.

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Cheetah running

Build an Inspirational Executive Team

High Performing. Adaptable. Inspirational.

From initial trust building and the presentation of solid data insights to the agreement and signing of a new High Performance Team Contract with agreed standards of behaviour and rituals to embed them, our process:

• Inspires confidence at the highest level
• Permits uncertainty and promotes curiosity
• Generates trust, conflict and a strong common purpose
• Creates commitment to - and mechanisms to embed - accountable individual behaviour change
• Exposes the team to what other high performance teams are doing and inspires them to create the next leap in their performance journey

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"Symmetry’s High Performing Team survey identified key gaps in the team dynamic. The process closed those gaps, aligned the team and delivered high performance results in a short timeframe.

The personal 1-2-1 coaching was lifechanging."
Ian McVey, Head of Enterprise Sales EMEA - QUALTRICS



Cheetah running

Building Inspirational Team Leader Capability

Building Capability to Connect, Coach and Inspire.

The Team Leader is the beating heart of adaptability, empowerment, retention and performance. The keystone in any people transformation plan.

The shift in mindset and skillset from ‘Supervisor’ to ‘Performance Coach’ is urgent and also loved by both the Team Leaders themselves and the Team Members whose hearts and minds they touch each day.

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Cheetah running

The Team Member Inspired! Program

Building The Mindset and Skillset to Adapt, Own and Perform.

As the Executive and Team Leaders learn to include, inspire and make challenge and uncertainties safe, Team Members will decelerate transformation without clear support to change mindset, skillset and behaviours, accept new permissions.

Symmetry’s globally tested and liberating 'Inspired!' Program, delivers these skills through the planning of new goals to deliver the transformation.

'Inspired!'Increases builds accountability and confidence, giving a direct connection to purpose and Team Leader permission to be courageous and make a difference.

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Cheetah running


The sustainability of our impact - an ongoing shift in Inspired Adaptability - and the sustainability of our shared environment are both critical to us.

We are a carbon neutral business and we are keen to support your work to reduce carbon emmissions.

To support both aims:

Our Team Leader programs and the 'Inspire!' Team Member Program:

• Can be delivered entirely remotely
Have full and engaging online learning support on our platform to deepen learning and embed changes
Come with ongoing Action Learning Groups to discuss challenges, share breakthroughs, provide deadlines for implementation of new approaches, deepen learning and embed changes
Can have their impact assessed through ongoing dashboard shifts on our platform

Our Executive Team work ideally takes place live and together although we have delivered entirely remotely

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