Teach Your Managers to Deliver Rapid Change

Teach Your Managers to

Deliver Rapid Change


The Symmetry Manager-Coach Development program

As your people learn to adapt fast, they will need, and ask, new things of their managers. You need to prepare your managers, so they are fully equipped and ready to accelerate your transformation.

We developed the Symmetry Manager-Coach program with a keen eye on the latest research and as a result of working with global organisations, elite sports coaches and members of the special forces. The program fully supports the Symmetry Four Pillars of High Performance:
    • Purpose
    • Process
    • Environment
    • Winning
Whether your managers are high-potential employees, new in post or seasoned managers, they need to close their own skills gap in order to coach their people to become adaptable.

Your managers will learn how to:

  • Create, lead and manage by purpose and clarity of expected outcomes
  • Design and implement the process, for communication and team standards of excellence
  • Build an adaptable performance environment including Inclusivity and Psychological Safety
  • Initiate and react to courageous conversations as honesty rises to deliver purpose
  • Support people practically to operate beyond their comfort zones successfully
  • Build a winning roadmap, goals and KPIs to deliver

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