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The Symmetry Core Principles

1. We are entering the most exciting phase in human work to date. As organisations change from industrial age machines to interconnected organisms. However, we are experiencing massive Industrial Age Lag in design, attitudes and relationships which is slowing progress.

2. Humans each possess the most adaptable ‘machine’ on the planet but are very rarely trained in how to understand and use it. In addition, the machine has been calibrated for the Industrial Age.

3. Concepts such as ‘change is slow’ or ‘people resist change’ are often indications of Industrial Age Lag.

4. The three great ‘people issues’ of our time have converged to become one. Adaptability, Wellbeing and Engagement. One can no longer exist without the other two (see our AWE small Program). None can exist without Psychological Safety and Inclusivity.

5. Transformation must be sustainable. Change is now constant, not a ‘program’.

6. Sustainable Transformation is a core professional skill, like email use. Transformation will be slow and inadequate when people and their managers do not have the skills to navigate the emotional, mental and relationship demands of rapid change.

7. Transformation is Symmetrical. Both the management and the people must evolve. If the people are not taught the skills of adaptability, the leaders cannot deliver it. And vice versa.

8. Accelerated, Sustainable (and morally acceptable) transformation is only possible when the people delivering transformation are not damaged in the process. And there is no reason for them to be.

9. The skills of transformation are best learned through the process of innovating planning and executing new strategic deliverables or through running the team differently.

10. The tools to do this well are best delivered through masterclasses and action learning groups - with ongoing access to a virtual learning environment.

11. Effective data use can measure Organisational Change Readiness and deliver individualised support.

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