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Adapt Fast. Be Well. Engage.

With inclusivity, purpose, engagement, and wellbeing at its heart, AWE™ helps you make work an inspiring place for everybody to be the best version of themselves, be brave and build the future: together.

To be able to accelerate this transformation, it is critical that every person has the skills and leadership to be able to ADAPT fast, be WELL and ENGAGE.

Symmetry call this AWE. We have been teaching AWE for nearly two decades.

AWE™ is symmetrical. Individuals cannot deliver AWE if their managers cannot coach and support it.

AWE™ provides insights from the organisational level through to individual manager and team levels to understand where your risks and strengths lie and how well the narrative is engaging and inspiring your people to act bravely.

With these personal insights, we can deliver welcome, laser-focused bespoke training and coaching, globally and at all levels of the organisation. Support that inspires and suggests: Purpose and Action. 

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Some AWE™ Program Features: 
        • Data Driven, Targeted Learning and Action Planning 
          The entire AWE philosophy is to gather accurate data and use that to deliver laser focussed inspiration, training and support which generates new, brave actions to change thinking, relationships and results.
        • Organisation-wide Mindset, Skills and Relationship Shifts
          AWE delivers intelligent, targeted support to deliver mindset, skillset and relationship changes, sustainable for the long term whether they are Team Members, Managers or Senior Leaders
        • Engagement
          AWE replaces the old ‘engagement survey’ with a 21st Century alternative, integrating engagement with its component parts: wellbeing and adaptability and placing inclusivity at the heart of all three.

          The program delivers targeted, rapid and specific suggestions, training and actions and support to immediately respond to the AWE survey - driving engagement, wellbeing, inclusivity and action.

          AWE requires both managers and team members to become accountable for engagement – adult-to-adult.


  • Inclusivity 
    Inclusivity sits at the heart of Adaptability, Wellbeing and Engagement. We measure, and propose tools to increase psychological safety and inclusion - at every stage. Without it, AWE is not possible.

  • Wellbeing
    AWE highlights potential risk areas and delivers measurable support to prevent damage to mental wellbeing at work, especially in times of uncertainty and change. We believe that is more important than dealing with the problem after the workplace created it.

  • Remote and Action Based
    AWE is entirely remote and therefore COVID compliant and Carbon neutral. We deliver through live masterclasses and our engaging blended learning platform. The emphasis is on learning through action planning and delivering - not on taking people away from their work and domestic commitments.

    Read about our Learning Methodology  

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