Align & Activate Your Leadership

Align & Activate

Your Leadership


Build Leadership Team Clarity, Cohesion, Commitment and Skill to Transform and Perform.

High performing teams that lead transformation are consciously designed. Their members know precisely why they are successful together and exactly how to maintain that success.

Our role is to meet your leadership team where it currently is, rapidly build trust and credibility, and then guide the team to create laser-sharp clarity and committed ownership of purpose, roles, behaviours and outcomes. The tangible outcome of our process is a ‘High Performing Team Contract’, designed and signed by every member of the team detailing clear decisions and standards of excellence and guided by the Symmetry Four Pillars of High Performance:
    • Purpose
    • Process
    • Environment
    • Winning
The intangible outcome is that the team members are transformed in their understanding of each other as individuals, their vital role in delivering for the others and their desire and commitment to own their new high-performance behaviours.

We achieve this by using a variety of proprietary models and tools, including Symmetry’s HPTI™ (High Performing Team Indicator) surveys and optional biometric measures, to guide the leadership team through these stages:

Awareness: Of what a High Performing Team is and how they currently score

Design: Of their own ‘High Performing Team Contract’

Build: We continue to work with you to ensure the delivery of agreed milestones and adoption of the behaviours identified as essential until they become the team’s habits and standards.

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