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Symmetry takes organisations from Industrial Age thinking, relationships and behaviours into the agile Intelligence Age: Fast.

A major business transformation project led by a traditional global consultancy was failing. It was not engaging the six thousand strong international division. The MD invited Jim Lawless and his fledgling consultancy in to assist. A fascination with rapid human and organisational adaptation began.

Fast forward and the Symmetry team have helped accelerate transformation in companies from Apple to Barclaycard, Paysafe Group and GSK to the Swiss Olympic Team.

Uniquely, all of their work involves learning new skills through planning, owning and executing the strategy. There is no isolated theory. And all learning, whether live or ‘on demand’ is remote.

Symmetry gathers deep data insights. Based on the diagnostics, they deliver highly effective and specific transformations at Exec, Team Leader and ‘everybody’ levels - delivering new engagement, thinking, action and outcomes: fast.
Meanwhile, in addition to leading Symmetry, Jim has addressed over one million people on five continents and written an international bestseller, ‘Taming Tigers’, setting out a framework for rapid personal adaptation. He proved his framework in horseracing and record-breaking freediving and was ranked #1 Inspirational Speaker outside of the US in the leading ‘Global Guru’ 2020 industry poll.

Symmetry is at the forefront of the fastest period of organisational transformation the world has seen.

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